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Drinking Water Treatment 
Wastewater Treatment 
Process Water Treatment 
Operation & Maintenance 
Sludge Treatment / Drying 
Water Re-Use / MBR / MBBR 
Waste to Energy 
Infrastructure Works & Pipelines 

At MPE, we have been designing, supplying and installing water, wastewater, desalination and Sludge treatment Plants and solutions for more than a decade. We are a Specialized Contractor in the Region for the Water, Waste Water and Environmental Fields. We provide full range of activities in the Municipal & Industrial Sectors. From Design & Engineering to Civil Construction & from Turnkey Contracting to Operation & Maintenance of Water, WasteWater, Desalination & Sludge Treatment Plants.
As an Innovative & fully Competent Company, we offer Comprehensive range of advanced technologies specific and tailored to our Clients and Partners in the Public and Private Sector.
With our Global Expertise and offices in several countries, we are dedicated to provide the latest proven technologies and our expertise to our customers in the Municipal and Industrial sectors. We are in all fields of Environment, Water, Wastewater and Infrastructure works and we stand for Competency, reliability and as a source of engineering expertise to our Clients and partners in many countries.
& Engineering
Civil Construction & Pipelines
& Maintenance
Turnkey Contracting
Construction of Treatment Plants
Design & Engineering
The plants, works and Units built and conducted by MPE are fully designed and engineered in house by the Design and Engineering Departments of MPE. Over 50 professional Engineers on The Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Architectural, Environmental fields are providing total and In-house Solutions to our Customers.
Civil Construction & Pipelines
All Civil Works, Pipelines, House Connections, Buildings, Bridges and all Infrastructure works included within our Environmental projects or for our Infrastructure Projects which are Separately contracted such as hundreds of Kilometers of City Pipelines every year are built by the Construction Teams, Equipments and Engineers of MPE.
Operation & Maintenance
O&M of Large Scale Desalination plants for Municipal Drinking Water or for process water for Utilities, O&M of Conventional or Non-Conventional Waste Water Treatment Plants are done by MPE. Mostly Built by MPE, there is more than 200.000m3/day of Desalinated RO Drinking and Industrial water and more than 100.000m3/day of Waste Water operated, maintained and Managed by MPE everyday..
Turnkey Contracting & EPC
International Turnkey Contracting is MPE’s driving force and area of key competency. We undertake as Prime and Main Contractor Turnkey Projects in several countries as well as in Turkey. Based on more than 20 years of International Experience in Contracting and supported by our well proven Financial, Managerial and Technical Competencies we are a well recognized source of confidence for our Governmental and Industrial customers.
Construction of Treatment Plants
Construction of Drinking water, Process water, Waste Water, Sludge Treatment plants is our core Business. As one of the most established company in the Region, we construct high performance, sustainable and economical treatment plants and engineered solutions. We understand the local markets and needs and work together with our clients to optimize and customize our solutions to achieve the most advanced and also most cost effective solutions in terms of Investment and operation.
Manufacturing of Plants & Equipments
Manufacturing Facilities of MPE, produce custom made, most reliable, advanced and highest quality Process Equipments, Containerised RO/ Desalination, Compact and Package Water and WasteWater Treatment Plants and Units. Over a 15000m2 open area and 3000m2 closed area MPE's facilities are the most focused and advanced Manufacturing Facility in Turkey for the Purpose of Environmental technology. Our Manufacturing facility ensures that all plants engineered by MPE are supplied with Highest quality equipment and on time.